Monday, October 20, 2008

Rubber Boots

“Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it. The river was cut by the world's great flood and runs over rocks from the basement of time. On some of the rocks are timeless raindrops. Under the rocks are the words..”

I believe a lot of the problems we face in our nation can be fixed with an attitude change. Maybe I'm an optimist. Our parents constantly lament about the way things used to be; it's within our generation that radical change have been occurring. But are these parents not the ones who raised and socialized us? Did they not plant a seed, and are now alarmed at the growth of the weed? We need realistic dramatic action.
A human being with no fear is out of control. When we have no fear, we act on our most basic selfish animalistic instinct, with no regard for the other members of our society. By nature, we're a communal species; we have to have the well-being of our fellow man at heart for success and peace. As Belizeans, this used to be true. Now it is not.
There is no fear. A commuter has no fear, so she throws garbage out the window of a bus. A child has no fear, so he curses and back-chats the teacher. An adolescent has no fear, so he robs the Chiney around the corner. A gangsta has no fear, so he shoots his enemies out of beef. A politician has no fear, so he pours the national coffers into his pocket. There is no fear in our country.
Now me, I'm afraid. My mother put the fear of God into me... I fear, therefore I respect, the written laws of Belize, and the unwritten laws of common decency.
So put the fear into the little ones growing up now; talk to a child, and if necessary, discipline him or her. Remember the lessons you learned and home and in school and act accordingly. Clean your yard. Cut your grass. Don't litter. These little actions, my friends, they'll seep up like capillary action! It all starts in the little things.
Don't forget charity. Help people, when you can, if you can. Have a heart for the human condition. Don't forget your fellow man, and most of all, the generations to come. How then, my friends, can we as a people fail and be miserable? Without this attitude change, our Jewel will lose its sparkle. And I know none of us want that.


Trazidex said...

Me. I feared Sgt. Tablada!

As for charity,,what you give comes back ten fold. Or so they say. Me, I am still waiting.....

Democrates said...

This touches on the fundamental reason why, in my opinion, it is so hard to pinpoint adequate solutions for a more productive future. An attitudinal change is as hard as preventing the very same factors that caused the shift in the first place. This requires not simply an identification of the attributing factors, but the esoteric function of theorizing how to stop and mitigate those factors that have abated the sense of rule of law, i.e. 'fear'.