Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Growing in fear.

Are other parents going thought the same kind of fear that I have?

The fear that tells you not to go to Chon Saan for a family dinner or you will get robbed. The fear that says to you not to take your kids to BTL park because they might get caught in a ride by shooting. The fear that says we better not leave our homes for a night at San Pedro, lest we come back to an empty house...all that you have worked for ..gone. And the kind of fear that paralyses us even as we try to pick our most cherished from school.

It is the kind of fear that dictates that we better not even call the police for help for a) we will get reported back to the criminals b) that we will get an answer like "u don wap ah, so e no wah come back again" or c) they won't even answer the dang phone. The police are useless, powerless, impotent and even part of the problem.

As we grow in fear, we grow in anger. Anger at the police, the politicians, and the blood-sucking-slime-that-gets-caught-under-your-fingernails-while-scraping-the-bottom-of-the-barrel-of-belizean-citizenry (And yes...belizean should be written in lower case letters because we don't deserve uppercase!) They are all holding my family hostage, and I am pissed off as hell.

So what do we do about it....move? We'll my family is seriously considering that. Do we run for office? I would do that, but I am not corruptible so I would never get elected, or get to a level of Government where I would be able to do anything. Do we arm ourselves? No, then we become part of the problem. 

I say we do a massive roundup. Put all these thug wannabes in a big cage in National Stadium, give them a stock of weapons (all sorts just to make it fiery and interesting), charge admission to the viewing public...and let them have at it. Last man standing wins "thug of the year".

Then just maybe, I might be able to live in peace in the country I love and maybe, just maybe be able to sleep at night knowing my kids are safe.

Stay safe my breddas!