Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Idiots, Floods and Darwinian Principles.

What is wrong with people.

Starting last Thursday, the authorities have been telling people in flood prone areas to stock up and/or get out. In general, people were very dismissive..."we justt di ya di parti" or "we gaan tru lat a hurricane". Now these folks are calling for NEMO for help because they don't have any food, or are sitting on their roofs. Some are even demanding rescue because their boats have no gas.

The authorities should just let them be. They should do what New Orleans did this Hurricane Season. "You have been warned. If you do not heed our warnings, and get out when we give you the opportunity, then you are on your own and you may die". End of story.

It is hard but it is the only thing cruffy understand. 

We as humans are blessed to have a brain to make good decisions. But cruffy think that the government are their parents, lifeboats and grocery store.

The foolish individuals of a species are generally weeded out by nature. Well nature is attempting to do just that right now.

Only the fit and the smart survive.


Kenrick said...

I agree with your perspective totally...it is high time that people start being accountable for their actions and that goes both ways..

Anonymous said...

Government babies the citizens of Belize far too much. Spoon feeds them and in the end expects them to stand on their own two feet.

Belizeans come to expect far too much from government to the point that they are helpless in circumstances such as these and to think.. we STILL don't learn.

Anonymous said...

Hey, so as not to seem inhuman, at least fly over and drop them some snorkels and inner tubes before the event!

The Voice said...
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Trazidex said...
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geiver said...

give em some snorkels yes if they wanan feel like partying

Anonymous said...

Ah Traz, we know each other well, and PUP mi always di watch, that's why it's good to give dem a show.

Democrates said...

These partisan undertones are slightly perturbing; they are the antithesis of our bipartisan blog.

The Voice said...

I concur with Democrates... the purpose of this blog is clearly outlined on the splash page, "Our purpose is to share our views with you, and to work together with all Belizeans to see our beautiful country and people develop in a sustainable manner."

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Anonymous said...

I agree with The Voice and Democrates. Your articles should remain bipartisan or nonpartisan, this increases the value of their contribution to the national discussion. It is difficult to control everyone's comments, but your articles and the writers who write them must always set a tone above that particular fray. Or suffer the credibility fate of ACB. Labels accomplish nothing and halt everything.

Trazidex said...

I please beg you to tell me what was political about my Flood article.

And in the past I have always been fairly critical of both parties, and Each and every one of you is partisan in your articles whether you realize it or not.

Seems like some have an agenda of censorship...what is more political than that?

Now lets go have fun!