Thursday, October 23, 2008


Life occurs in cycles. Happiness, Sickness, Joy, Hurt, Sacrifice, Pain, and eventually Death will be known to each of us. Yet, despite how vulnerable we all are, we still manage to hold a "It won't happen to me and my family" mindset. You know what I'm talking about... until some incident of great import occurs in our own life, until the last second, we think, "It won't happen to me."

But things do happen. Cancer comes. Tsunamis come. Floods come.

I think this mindset of infallibility has been following the floods, from Cayo, to Orange Walk, and now into Belize District. And our fellow Belizeans deserve our compassion and help, not our judgement and denial. Logically speaking, if I lived by the river, and the weather forecaster was preaching imminent flooding, I'd move. But emotionally, how could I leave my home, my belongings, my memories? How could I abandon ship when I'd lived in that same house by that same river for 40 years with incident?

Part of me wants to shout, "Fools, unnu move!", while the other half understands their stubbornness. Home, after all, is where the heart is.

Just my three cents for the day... for those affected, my prayers. For those in unaffected areas, don't forget to help the less fortunate.


Trazidex said...

They had our compassion last we when we were asking them to move...

By the way, this post might be considered partisan because the people you speak of might be more of one party than the other :^)

And before anyone says I might disappear like ACB... I can assure you ACB was a joke...I am not!

The Voice said...

Lemme tell you something straight, Pa-pa... nothing about this blog is about you, as an individual. It's about the country on a whole. So please, ease down that ego. Frankly, no one cares for it.

And nothing about my article was partisan, so stop making fire weh smoke no deh.

Trazidex said...

I was trying to make a point that I was attacked for my last blog, which addressed the EXACT SAME ISSUE. It was flamed as political. The target was not you but for some of the other commentarians.

Go figure.

People may think I am political. Fine. Check with the moderator .. he can assure you that no one is more of an independent thinker than i am.

I do enjoy a good laugh when I see you all getting fired up. My job is done. You all are thinking at last.

Democrates said...

Trazidex, the last blog you posted was not partisan; however, the comments that followed struck partisan outlook that have consistently reverberated within your previous posts.

Moreover, you equate getting "fired up" with "thinking at last". This statement, of course, does an injustice to the insightful posts and comments we have enjoyed for the past six months that have been framed in a controlled and objective manner.

Trazidex said...

"consistently reverberated within your previous posts"
Source and REAL evidence please..

"Comments that followed struck partisan outlook" IF you are referring to my PUP might find you comment then that person and I know each other and I can assure you they know it is joke.

If you wish, say the word and i shall take my ideas hard feelings...