Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fatwas and War Plans

Oh my..Oh my....

Someone issued a fatwa without a war plan! Any guesses...The UDP! Now they have to live with the consequences. The UDP thought that a magical Esquivel TV endorsement would overcome Mayor Moya's ground war and television campaign. They were sorely mistaken and now the rogue councillors, Manuel, Boots and the others have to eat some humility. They have to live with democracy.

It can't be said that the Moya win was a product of Southside roots. Mr. Michael even lost in Caribbean Shores and Freetown which are the bastions of the middle class. So, she had solid base....a base that was loyal to her and willing to punish her detractors.

Furthermore, in my humble opinion, the only thing that the voters hate more than a thief is a traitor. So sure Moya was a thief, but Michaels was a traitor. He showed no political loyalty and he paid the price for that...and he wants a division now? Pu-leeze! If he can't handle a damaged Moya, how would he be able to handle a Fonseca or a resurgent Jorge?

So the next general elections might be closer than we all think. If the Espats can gain control of the new PUP and if the UDP continue to self destruct, then the PUP might be closer to regaining control than anyone believes.. The writing in on the wall. If the UDP can't beat back a mayoral candidate, then.....well, we must all calibrate those conclusions. 

Finally a note to all Representatives, please don't go sit outside Jules' offices with your personal bank account statements in the belief that because you spent $30,000 that month and only have $1800 left that you are not taking illegal money. Think about it people, these are the people leading our country and they can't even make decent decisions about their own lives. 

One can only shake your head with the absurdity of Belizean politics.