Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh where, Oh where have all the bloggers gone?

As this blog descends into the writers "mawga" season, I begin to wonder if we have all given up on Belize? Are we done venting, and saying "wi peece"? Or have we just been overcome by the fumes from the dump on fire to the point where we cannot think at all?

Since I see so much to write about let me give you all ten ideas to help get you all going again. Feel free to use one or to come up with one of your own!

1) The City Dump. The horrible place that seems to invade our lives this time of year.

2) Lands Dept. bribes. There is a race to collect the $20,000 prize for proof. I have my receipt for the "half-price processing fee" I had to pay to an employee there. Soon as I get my paperwork out, I am at Bel-China collecting! Come on, hurry up people...I need 20K bad!

3) Digging up nicely paved roads. They  are still digging up the hot mix on Albert and Regent and digging trenches across the "new" half made Northern Highway. 

4) Everybody di wap. Everybody is running a racket. Are we a nation of thieves?

5) BTL cutting its wholesale phone card "commissions" from 11% to 7% so that it can get back the 4% GOB took from it on the back of Belizeans.

6) Why does it seem that some big businesses are paying so little tax?

7) Private tourism organizations that have leaders who have never run a tourism business in their lives. And we wonder why tourism is on the decline?

8) Bad customer service. It is so horrible everywhere in Belize. Is this a Cultural thing? Are we actually unpleasant by our very nature?

9) The powerless police. 

10) Tacos. The true Belizean breakfast.

Now, before everyone races to write about Tacos, let me remind you that you can write about meatpies too.

Me, I am going to write my next blog about some royal bukut.


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Anonymous said... -No tacos, just food for thought.

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Belize News Post is a news magazine, tacos included. > How would you feel about syndicating your blog on Belize News Post?