Friday, April 24, 2009

Strange April Happenings

I know it is the month that April Fools call home, but this month has just been weird.

Firstly, we have had rain in April. In my life, I can never recall such an occurrence.  And it has rained profusely twice....once right before Easter and now over the last few days. Is the dry season over? I doubt it. Is Mother Nature pitying our water bills? Maybe. Are we to be grateful and enjoy it? Absolutely.

Next, we have had Dean O. (and his wife by all indications) become chummy with Barack O. Now maybe Barack O, was just trying to make Dean O feel good, or maybe Kim was just checking to see (by the looks of the pics) if he (Barack) was wearing Armani, but I surmise that either Barack is just a genuinely nice guy or he and the USA wants something. I would like to believe the former, but I suspect the latter. I never trust Uncle Sam, nor GOB for that matter. If we trust the Yanks, next thing you know C-130's will be doing Baghdad style descents into the PGIA.

Then, we have had the bizarre Shoman Fiasco. What the hell is wrong here? Big bad Shoman is quarreling with some no-names from Guate? Interesting and very strange, but I will leave judgments on this up to you all?

And, finally...all you passionate Belize bloggers have disappeared this April. Where have you all gone? Spring Break in Cancun? Fido's in San Pedro? Come on. Belize can't be that boring that you have nothing to write about. All you passionate ones have nothing to say...that is really strange.

So we look forward to May, the month of Mothers. Will all you Momma's boys and girls find something to write about this month? :^)

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Exam time, bretha.

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