Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Women Breaking up the UDP

You know, one would have thought that the UDP male ministers would be fighting amongst themselves for the scraps that the PUP left. And one would have thought that this would have been the undoing of the UDP, the dividing force within the party.

Well, there are fights, but those are but a side show to the the dividing force that is coming from the women. Women, traditionally are supposed to be the nurturers, the healers. No, not this bunch. They are taking the bull by the horns and leading it straight to hell.

Zenaida is doing her best to sink the party. Whether it is running her mouth or running rubber checks to Waste Control, she is at the helm of the UDPs biggest ship, otherwise known as the S.S. CITCO Titantic. The iceberg was hit and it is taking on water fast. All that is left is for all hands to abandon ship and for its occupants to jump into a sea of garbage.

Now, Diane comes along. She is at the helm of one of the UDP's biggest cash cows, the S.S NICH. She can't seem to keep the rats off the ship. The ship is flooded with them. From Board members who have no idea what the letters NICH stand for, to bounce check, owe everybody in Belize, charlatans like David Gegg. 

Dual handedly, these two women have done more to damage the UDP than any opposition. In fact if I were the PUP, I would campaign FOR the UDP City Council and give Z. another term to finish destroying the party.

Dean O. better get his ships righted, because as they go down, so will the fate of a second term for his party.

Man the life rafts, we are in for a close one!


Anonymous said...

I agree, fully!

But you forgot to include Juliet from Wave Radio.

The Voice said...

This is the most sexiest piece of trash I've ever read.

Not to say that these women are any friend of mine, but don't base your judgements on the merits of gender. This is 2009. The Victorian Era and sexism were supposed to have ended a long time ago.

Democrates said...

Agreed. I see the said ladies as politicians, not as female politicians, just politicians. The UDP is obviously in shambles. But the gender behind their problems is of little significance. In fact, I would argue that it symbolizes progress! It shows that women are now an active element of our political arena. This does not excuse unethical behavior, but then again, unethical behavior is a human problem, not a female or a male one.