Thursday, January 15, 2009

Going to one's head

Read this article to understand that sometimes being "breggin" is not good. Kinda makes a fool of yourself, your family and your country.

When will cruffy ever learn that humbleness is the sign of class..not whether you are flying your bishop in for your wedding or if you are wearing Armani. Marriage might be an institution, but is this couple ready for the institution as yet? 

Me, I struggled real hard just to stay out of the Marriage license section of the Belize Times!

As Spock would say "Live long and prosper." I wish them all the luck in the world...and look at this way, if they are getting married in the morning, if it fails, at least they haven't wasted the entire day.


Democrates said...

For the few who read my post last year, "Ministry of Morality: Count Me Out", you would know that I completely disagree with the message in this entry. Whether our Prime Minister, or John Doe, wants to marry in Savannah and wear an Armani suit is of absolutely no significance to me. What matters to me is good governance and I believe that what happens in the private lives of our leaders has no bearing on the policies that shape the way we live. For example, the much publicized licentiousness of our former Prime Minister were not the reasons behind his administration's failures.

Therefore discussion of "issues" such as these resemble the vile nature of America's fascination with celebrity life. Personally, and quite frankly, this piece would be more suited for Access Hollywood as opposed to our lauded Belize Watch.

The Voice said...

Madas... thanks for sharing the article.

When you got money, you can spend it ANY way you want. Now me, I broke. I di try make a dolla outta wa dime and I wish I coulda go da dis wedding just fi the free plate ah dinna.

I have to side with Democrates on this one, as long as good governance is the name of the game in Belmopan, I don't care who does what where.

Trazidex said...

Might be more suited for Access Hollywood but I bet you all read it and laughed.

Sometimes commentary on current events tells us alot about our society and its leaders.

Democrates said...

Correction: I read it, hoping to find something that had some overarching significance; I might have to read it again.

And you are right, commentary on current events can be helpful. However, when the hoopla of a wedding (a.k.a. gossip) becomes entwined with our current events, it is not deserving of a laugh.

The Voice said...

Democrates, you're all business and no play.

It is midly interesting... perhaps worthy of a raised eyebrow

Democrates said...

I'll admit 'mildly interesting' may be relative. But worthy of a raised eyebrow? I think not. Where is the value in all of this aside from satisfying curious minds? In my humble opinion, this is not worthy of a raised eyebrow, an entry on Belize Watch, nor even the entries on both Channel 5 and Channel 7. If one can explain how Savannah, Armani suits, and Lhuillier wedding gowns have any significance on the social, political and economic status of Belize, I am all ears.

Anonymous said...

In my view, one's personal life/actions and one's business/political life/actions are but two sides of the same coin: the one reflects the other and vice, versa.

Democrates said...

So a man who lives a just personal life, i.e. faithful to his family and runs a legitimate business, is less likely to be involved in corrupt and behavior? That's ridiculous.

They are simply two different issues; not two sides of the same coin.