Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Little India

As I sat in traffic on Albert St. yesterday I got to thinking that we are not that much different than our fellow commonwealth brethren, India.

India has a caste system. A system where the are those that have and those that have not. A system where there are the common folk and the untouchables. A system that does not encourage one class transitioning upwards into another and a system where the elite does whatever they please. YES, WE HAVE THIS.

India has prolific indentured servitude. A modern day slavery. YES, WE HAVE THIS....and not just in "indian" stores. Ever seen what one of the southern banana workers actually take home after being forced to shop at the company store?

India has trash that fills the streets in all but the most upscale areas. YES, WE HAVE THIS and I don't need to beat a dead horse about this.

India has slums. Some of the worst slums in the world. While not some of the worst, our London Bridge areas surely qualify. Add to that the putrid and unhealthy canals we throw everything into, and that snake into our lives,  then YES, WE HAVE SLUMS TOO.

India has an exploding population of young people. The vast majority being born into poverty. We only need look at our evening news with announcements of the latest gang banger killed and leaving 35 children to know that WE GOT THAT TOO.

India does have very modern telecommunications, some of the best in the region. WE GOT THAT and yes it is really the best in our region too, albeit at a horrible monopolistic price. The modern communications breeds resentment of our own country as we see the "utopias" abroad.

India has a brain drain of the smartest and the brightest heading to the USA is search of a better life. Come on, say it with me, YEP, WE GOT THAT TOO.

Being like India is not a good thing. Next thing you know we will be having terrorists with grenades. OH WAIT! WE HAVE THAT.

Maybe we should try to be more like ourselves and less like others.


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Anonymous said...


i agree ...... 200% ... i'm sorry to laugh because in truth it is a horrible comparison that you drew and in this case just like man others the truth is just not a pleasant thing ... in any case ... good read