Friday, November 28, 2008


It's not uncommon for things in Belize to go missing.

Seven little girls went missing a few years ago. We've somehow managed to lose common decency and respect, though I hear it's hiding in a few villages in the rural. Asphalt often goes missing from our highways and roads. {That one still amazes me}. We've even managed to lose several million dollars. (I hear that this too is hidden somewhere. If I were you, I would check under the mattress for this!) Most of all, I miss our small town ways and manners... respect and fear...that made living in Belize so safe.

But, all these lost things aren't the focus of this article. What I can't believe went missing are 24 grenades from BATSUB. What the hell? Am I the only one shocked that this is only being disclosed to us four years after the fact?

I wonder what happened...

**Picture, a solider counting grenades**

"Four hundred seventy-nine, four hundred eighty.... uh oh!"

** Runs to his commanding officer**

"Sah, Sah, twenty grenade missing!"


"It's okay, son. I'm sure they'll show up somewhere..."

And they have shown up. In our streets. By the feet of our country's children. We need fi come betta than this, Belize. Share in my indignation and outrage! Enough is enough. I'm ready to take back the streets of Belize from hooligans and Neanderthals. Just as long as someone would kindly return all the asphalt that's missing...

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SaintJack said...

Can't help but feel outrage at this. Outrage and disbelief. Not only have they keep this quiet from the public, but also they have mislead the officials here who were aware that they went missing in bz.

But what I really find outrageous it that they have keep this quiet since the Sept. grenade was recovered and indisputably identified as being from BATSUB. Once they start turning up they should have come clean then. Instead we were told they were investigating. Investigating what?? They know they went missing 4 years ago.

So was there an investigation 4 years ago? How did they go missing? And how have they ended up on the streets?

So many questions, and so few answers coming from anyone!

(A lee aside, how come the lever was found by a member of the public after an 'extensive search'? Are we really to assume that someone retrieved it after the explosion, took it away and then brought it back so it could be found - pleeease!)