Monday, November 10, 2008

We are the Future

I hate to sound like a cliche Michael Jackson song, but we are the future.

The average age of a Belizean is 20. {Man, this is one time it SUCKS to be above average. But as a woman, I'm sensitive about my age.} Our society is young, strong, and just right for mobilization. **Another blog for another day is the lack of youth representation in government**

Last night I was speaking with an esteemed gentleman in Belizean society. It was an average conversation, but I want to share the highlights with you. We spoke about school, problems facing the Belize, the recent American elections, war in Iraq and Afghanistan, drug trafficking, and other issues and challenges facing the world. As the night was dwindling to an end, he decided to bestow a little advice.

"Do you plan to return home when you graduate?" he inquired.

I nodded, "Of course I do. I can't wait to actively contribute to Belizean society again."

"Think about ways to diversify. Entrepreneurship. An industry that could hire 100 Belizeans." He peered at me over his glasses. "It's in your hands now. I'm an old man. It's the changing of the guard. It's up to you and your fellows to lead and to improve the country." He straightened up in his seat. "I refuse to give up hope in Belize. We just have to think of a better way."

So, I'll pass on the words of this gentleman, and I challenge you young folk to think of a better way. I do not live in Ross Kemp's Belize. I live in my Belize... my dream country... a country that isn't in debt. A country that operates on a surplus. A country where crimes are rarely committed, and when they do occur, the police and judiciary act swiftly to apprehend and punish the guilty party. A country where no child goes hungry, where no mother dies because of lack of pre and post natal care, where the education system is admired by the region and copied because it is so successful.

Do you want to live in my Belize? Let's work together, my friends.... and make these dreams a reality. It's in our hands. We CAN effect change.

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Democrates said...

Voice, my Belize is your Belize as well.