Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Obama Barak is the 44th President of the United States of America.

Frankly, I don't care. I'm not American. I don't live in America. I do not want to live in America. I keep my relations with America, and Americans, to a minimum. Trust me when I say that I have my reasons.... though the country is glorified, the common denizen is so ignorant, unemployment and poverty is rampant, and universal health care is non existant.

Despite my apathy and though I may vehmently deny it, Obama's current position affects me. *sigh* I don't see race. I don't see gender. But racism, sexism, and discrimination are alive and kicking. Though I don't want to acknowledge these "isms", they affect me everyday. They affect all of us.

My father called me this morning, and in a very excited voice asked me, "Are you celebrating? We won!"
"I don't care," I replied, "Why should I? I'm not American. The only thing I marginally care about will be his foreign policy."
After a pause he replied, "It's good that you don't see the world by color. But this is revolutionary. Thirty years ago this wouldn't have happened. The racism was so bad. I'm happy that you don't know what it's like."

I really never understood the wave of Obama-Nation that has flooded the world. To tell the truth, I would have preferred Hilary as a democratic candidate. I think she would have made a good President, she had the right qualifications, and she really wanted it.

Notwithstanding, do you think Obama's election win will affect Belize and Belizeans? Does it matter? For goodness sake, he never knew his father, and his white mother and grandparents raised him in Hawaii. I think Obama is like me, he doesn't see the world with race-tinted glasses. So why is his race, his black skin, so much like my own, so important to everyone?

For this blog, I want your opinion... What do you think, Belize? Try and inform my ignorant ass about Obama-Nation.

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Democrates said...

His candidacy was historic and moving for many beyond the borders of America. In his victory speech, I was especially intrigued when he said, "And all those watching from beyond our shores...a new dawn of American leadership is at hand." Now, while those hopeful words bode well for many countries, I doubt that new American leadership will bring change to Belize. The problems we face, both social and political, will not come TO Belize, it will come FROM Belize.