Friday, September 5, 2008

Mayor & Friends

We all know that Zenaida was doing stuff she shouldn't have been doing, but what amazes me are those that are throwing the stones are just as bad if not worse. Z is not doing anything that her predecessors or current councilmen haven't done before. In fact, some are doing far worse. Well all know that Boots and Finney enjoy the funding of the Lord. Mark King, Anthony & Lela have their own side parties going one, ensuring they have a nice cushy parachute. I am not condoning Z actions..not in the least. But, when we put it in perspective of Belizean politics and even her own councillors, she is but a small fry. A small fry about to be thrown to the wolves.

The UDP needed Z at a critical time in the past. And She delivered. She was the only person that could have delivered, except for maybe Ms. Esquivel. Now the UDP are creating a public spectacle of discarding her. Instead of handling the matter behind the scenes, they are enjoying M.A.D (Mutually Assured Destruction).

And who do they want to replace her. A man that can't speak proper english, a man that believes Belize City is Rich vs Poor, a man that thinks he needs a "Special Tourism Zone" to "put proper garbage bins on Albert Street" Eeesh! But a man that has political aspirations of a constituency. Now there is the real story.

We all know Z was not perfect, but at least she was intelligent. At least she represented our city well abroad. At least she started the UDP wheels of change, and for that she deserves a better send off than a kick in the pants from a bunch of hypocrites.


The Voice said...

This, my militant friend, is where the party system fails... and proves that the two parties are just the same. As my mother would say, "six ah one, half dozen ah de oda."

Political parties will always be looking out for themselves and lining their own pockets. What we need a people-powered check and balance to ensure that the Belizean public they are sworn to represent are not wholly taken advantage of.

Trazidex said...

I am not militant...just an angry young Belizean. :^)

Militant Comes later!