Monday, September 8, 2008

Striving for Lower Standards

Well, I wasn't going to write anything this short week, but I just had to get a quick issue of my chest.

On Saturday, I saw a cargo truck (lic A3325) off loading garbage onto a feeder road near my house. Totally illegal, unhygienic, unsightly and just wrong.

After I stopped, I told the dumper to please stop making a mess of my community and making his garbage my problem. He politely told me "well everyone else dumps here and why do you as a PUP (too funny!) want to stop me a UDP from dumping."  My response "so if one idiot runs into a fire, then sounds like you would too. And furthermore, yes other people might dump here but today I am stopping it, and I am starting with you."

This practice of illegally dumping in our neighbor's yard, on every street corner, on every bush road, and everywhere in between has to stop. My Belizean people have no pride! They want to make their problem, someone else's problem. Simply because they are either too lazy to put out the garbage or to cheap to drive to the dump site. There also seem to be a lot of fly by night garbage people who people pay to pick up their garbage then instead of disposing of it properly, they find some side road to dump it, someone else's back yard.

Now, the UDP accuse PUP of dumping garbage. The PUP don't need to dump garbage. There are enough sickening Belizeans who are doing it on their own.

We need to stop this now. I want people to pledge to stop this madness. When you see it, stop it. Tell them to move on. We need to strive for higher standards, not lower ones.

Anyways, the rant is over. And by the way Bryan CXXd (cell # 607-4@#0), I better not see you dumping again. He told me it was either Renaissance Tower or Airport garbage, depending on which part of the conversation one believes!

I am watching.

Oh..and BTW, the Carnival incident this weekend.  You heard it here first. Remember my post about the Guiliani way of doing things. Nuff said. We have no political will to do what is necessary to ensure our basic right to safety. And the UDP claim they are all that.


Democrates said...

Interesting article. But please explain this line in your article:

"Now, the UDP accuse PUP of dumping garbage. The PUP don't need to dump garbage. There are enough sickening Belizeans who are doing it on their own."

The Voice said...


You know, I didn't know that garbage throwing have anything to do with party politics... I just think it has to do with people being nasty and lazy

Trazidex said...

the clarification/explanation: for those of us not remembering the good ole UDP's "blame everything on the PUP" mantra/paranoia...remember when the city council said the reason for all the garbage on the streets was because the PUP had "hired" people to dump garbage.

as for "the voice"....i agree...but UDP still says reason for garbage is PUP dumping....was told this by a City Councillor as recently as Monday. They don't want t blame their bad management, nasty people and a serious stray dog problem.