Sunday, October 24, 2010

Less 105

They weren’t 105 pigs. Neither were they 105 dogs.

One hundred and five living breathing human beings have been killed, thus far this year in Belize. That’s more than most high schools graduating classes. That’s 105 families affected, 105 empty beds at night, 105 smiles that we’ll never see again.

The tears in my eyes are no match to the weeping of my heart. My very soul bleeds. I can drop to my knees and scream my frustrations to God; I can blame every politician under the moon; I can call every radio show and talk until my voice is lost… but none of these actions will constitute change in our tiny damaged beloved Belize.

How badly I wish we could truly restore Belize. How badly I wish there was a fast solution.

But, it took a generation to get us to this point, and it’s going to take at least one generation for us to fix it.

We, the ordinary citizens need to recognize that we instigate change – back to the Belize of our memories. We need to live truly lawful lives. In small things, like traffic laws and littering. If we take personal responsibility for our own actions, if we obey each and every law, then we’ve made a beginning. Every level of our society does what they want, when they want to do it. Is it any wonder that we’ve degraded to this extent? There is no respect until tragedy occurs.

I don’t mean to sound class-ist, but this kind of personal responsibility must trickle from the more educated echelons of society down. We need to learn and live by example. Also, we need societal checks in place that ensure that every child is in school, every belly is fed, and every individual in Belize lives with HUMAN DIGNITY. Once each Belizeans has his or her basic needs met, we’ve made a beginning.

Because sometimes I think we’ve lost our respect for human life. To kill Raylene Dyer where they slaughter pigs, chop off her head, and throw her remains in the river. Her murderers don’t fear God. And if they don’t fear God, surely they have no fear for the Belizean Judicial System!

It’s the murder of the children that hurt me most of all, one as she slept in her own bed at night. Who did these children hurt or threaten? We can’t afford to lose another child. We can’t afford another murder.

I challenge each of you to be personal responsible. I know there is hope for Belize. Societal support of Tarrel Sutherland and baby Daniel Estell shows me that there are still traces of the old Belize left, under the dried blood and guns.

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