Friday, March 13, 2009

Fed Up

I am fed up with

1) People who don't fess up and leave a note on your windshield when they graze your vehicle while they park. They choose to ding and dash. Happened twice in a month to me....cost me $250 and $300 to get fixed. Come on folks, be honest that you can't drive. I won't get upset, just pay the Peachy piper to take that dent out

2) St. Catherine's Academy and their asinine policy of not providing toilet paper for their students. Yes, the students have to bring their own. For a private school with good funding this is unacceptable. Look if you are that short of cash, charge everyone a $10 toilet fee and be done with it. And we won't even get into the nuns "examining the trash" checking for tampons thinking that if a girl using a tampon she is not a virgin. Read the medical label sista!

3) People and their last minute itis. What is wrong with everyone that they have to leave everything till the last minute, then stress yourselves out trying to get it done. It is planning....very easy to do. Check it out in your free time.

4) The little scams happening around down. They try to cheat me at the fruit stall, adding wrongly and then saying "sorry, no spek english propaly". They try to cheat me at the gas station. They even try to cheat me at the lands department...asking for fees that don't exist.
One feels like you have double check EVERYONE. Is everyone dishonest? Are we a nation of pirates? I guess we TRUST but VERIFY.

5) The pissing at every lampost. Do we not have bathrooms. Is it necessary to relieve yourself on the Radisson plants, the park bench or in the Li Chee Chicken Corner. Lets stop this least go find the ocean!

6) City Council. The do nothing councils of both parties just pretend like they get stuff done. We all know the truth which is they don't know how to do anything at all. Time for them to go back to school.

7) Chiney passing off "Cyatto" as "fillet snapper" in your fish burger. I know fish, and all you guys who eat fish burgers watch out, you are eating the river bottom baron, catfish. I can even tell you who catches it for the icebox loads.

8) Selling refurbished electronics as new....there is one big 'M" store that does this along with countless "indians". It is a horrible practice. Please stop lying to us.

9) People saying "I sent you an e-mail about it" when in fact they didn't. Or they say " I tried calling your cell" when they didn't. Do I look stupid? Just tell me you that didn't want to tell me my order wasn't ready on time. Honesty may get me upset, but lying will not make me return as a customer.

10) Thinking we are going to change Belize. Because we aren't. We a nation of pirates, liars and thieves. I don't foresee that changing.

So what are you fed up with? Send your thoughts to


Unpatriotic Patriot said...

let me comment on a couple of your annoyances...

2) Are you certain about this alleged checking of trash bins for tampons? Did you see this for yourself? Be careful of hearsay. Looking forward to your verification. I went to SCA, and I was never aware of this. And I'm sure I left tampon waste in the trash bins many times as I began using them in first form -- years before I had sex. I have to say though, out little shop only sold pads, but I always assumed it was a cost issue. This allegation just seems ludicrous.

7) I detest the use of "Chiney" when referring to the Chinese community in Belize. Although you may not see the term as harmful, I do believe it fosters the hostile environment that these people face. I AM FED UP with discrimination against the Chinese Belizeans. This was something that irritated me from an early age in primary school. I was privileged to befriend a chinese girl from age 5 and was able to to visit her family's shop and develop respect for their culture. When I hear my little niece come home from school yelling something about the chiney lady down the street, I immediately correct her and remind her that this woman is as human as she is.
As for the Chinese passing off cyatto as chicken, do you have verification of this? And, if this is true, they should certainly be penalized, just as the United States of Agriculture should be penalized for feeding its people hormone and antibiotic injected cows as "beef."
While I'm not justifying the alleged deceit from the Chinese fast food business owners here, I have to wonder if this not just their way of returning the disrespect that many of our Belizeans show them everyday.

Imagine looking through those burglar bars all day making transactions with people who see you as subhuman. And I've witnessed this atrocity many times. "Ey! Chiney! gimme wah pack ah cigarette!" "Ey Chiney, how much fah dat?!" I realized that no one seemed to consider learning about them. And our media IS PATHETIC when covering the Chinese community. We only hear about them in the crime stories or Chinese new year.

Unpatriotic Patriot said...

addressing number 8...

The big "M" store that you mention is controlled by people of Arab heritage I believe.

It appeared in your comment that you thought them to be Indians. These two groups are countries and countries apart. If that's not what you meant, I mention it becasue I've met too many people who don't seem to realize this.
Arabs: North Africa and Iberian Peninsula
Indians: South Asia

Also, your post brings to light that our minority Belizean ethnic groups are really covered badly in Belizean information outlets.

Do we not have any positives to share? Do we really have to mention the ethincity of the "M" owners when highlighting their faulty products? Is it necessary?

Perhaps so? Maybe not?

Trazidex, you've touched a few of my sensitive hairs. I don't mean to be picking on you, but I really believe multicultural education, dialogue, and understanding are urgent needs in our diverse country.

Trazidex said...

You guys need to read my post more clearly, and take is as social commentary.

First. I did not say M was "indian"

Yes, I am certain about SCA does it. Palotti does too. There are formal complaints on file with M o E.

Regarding Chiney....We need to stop being so P.C. and just realize we are all family. I remember the days gone by when we all could call each other, white boy etc without getting all upset. And I can assure you, as knowing a few words of Mandarin myself, the "chiney" have some less than endearing words for us as well so lets get off the higher than thou horse.

Yes, Catfish are being served BUT NOT AS CHICKEN as fish. The guy has traps set right by the lighthouse...last week he had 2 bucket full. And it was a Belizean. He told me " I fillet it and sell to ______ and _______".

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