Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The KREMandala Konundrum

We have many media houses around town. Some are clearly biased. Some are more subtle. But one is outright doing Belize an injustice through the propagation of hatred. This holier than thou empire of hypocrisy, deserves no respect. KREM is the name and they are bad for Belize.

Everything that goes wrong in their business empire they blame on everyone else. 
Circulation down. It is The Reporter bad mouthing them.
They bounce a check. It is the Belize Bank evil empire.
Their signal is giving trouble. It is the mischievous PUP.
Their internet gets cuts off. It is the white man.
The Garbage piles up outside. It is the spanish man not picking it up.
Someone has robbed them. It is the social classes keeping the black man from getting a $1000 a week job.
The chicken that they ordered for lunch is cold. Blame it on the Chiney.
And if they truly can't find a scapegoat for the complaint of the hour, then they dredge up the oh so glorious UBAD way. Which is almost every week.

It is never that they a printing a crappy paper, don't have good accounting, poor technical equipment, haven't paid their bill, bad management or that their own listeners are tossing the tacos wrappers at their front door.

It is never that they entered into an agreement without reading the fine print or with an eye for greed.

Now, Mose does make sense on some issues, and he does make valuable arguments. His arguments on Belize sovereignty are refreshing. Unfortunately, his voice of reason is overshadowed by the environment of self-righteous entitlement that his family has created and preaches to the sponging masses.

Kremandala could do a lot by just shutting up and telling their listeners to take responsibility for their actions. 

Don't like a price at a shop. Shop somewhere else.
Got no money. Go get a job.
Making pickney. Support them.

If they truly want to be the conscience of the people in print, on the air and on TV, then they need to start by ensuring that they listening to their hearts..not to mad men preaching hatred.

Hatred will only tear the precious society they claim to protect further apart.

Easy my brethren!

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Anonymous said...

i find it difficult to listen to krem most times. they sound angry, and while yes, there is much to be angry about.. the way it is done is distasteful and it is unfortunate because as you said, there are time when they are so right on with the points being made. however, i have to sift through the bs and hate to pick it out.