Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Up a creek without a plan

Well first Citco decided on some ill-conceived roundabouts at either end of St. Thomas St. Apparently the mayor had a New Zealand dream or something...

Now, to try to correct the problem, they have put some ill conceived speed bumps (a.k.a. sleeping policemen) at the roundabout approaches. Did the mayor have another dream, or was it an acid trip this time?

All I can say is WHAT THE H. E. Double Hockey Sticks!

Where is the city planner? Are they educated enough to even get professional opinion on these things. This all goes back to the fact that we have no planning in this city. We do everything last minute, knee jerk and without a hint (much less a vision) of the future.

Another example...the NEW Lee Chee. Yes all you cholesterol freaks, Lee Chee is moving up the street to its new location right beside Taste(less) Patties. And before this blog turns into an ad for Lee Chee, lets get to the real issue. Why has a restaurant of this nature been allowed to build right up onto the sidewalk? Where are the pedestrians going to stand? On the Street?

There should be a Planning Approval Board to oversee this stuff. To make sure commercial businesses are properly built to fire code, traffic code and all the other codes that we should, but don't, have.  There should be no fiberglass boat factories in neighborhoods, no unsafe radio towers in Ladyville, no signs hanging over sidewalks, and no food vendors scattered at every vacant lot.

There should be rules and regulations with stiff penalties for those that disobey.

Again, I feel like I say this every week. Why are we settling for lower standards? 

Here's an idea. Replace them all...the councillors, the mayor, and Central Gov't ...with people who know what they are doing, not some midnight dreamers.

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