Friday, November 21, 2008

Nutin' Good

So, I have been implored by a co-worker to "please write something positive for a change". Despite being a ranter and raver,  I decided I would take up to challenge.

So lets see...lets go through my list...
Anything positive to say about the police? Nope.
Anything positive to say about the state of the city/country? Are you kidding?
Anything positive to say about GOB? Nah.
Anything positive to say about the opposition? Not really.
Anything positive about any Government agency?
Anything positive on crime? Crime is up, so I guess not.
Anything positive on the economy? Only slightly better than really sucks.
Anything positive on the people of Belize? Saying this nicely...we have a real attitude problem!
Have the roads improved? Hahahahahahaha!
Anything positive of my friends? Well. I made one new one.

So truly, there is nothing much to say good about Belize at this time. Believe me, I have thought and thought about something good to say for the last few days and I don't have one. Even my family is thinking of finally calling it quits, throwing in the sweat rag and moving to Barbados, Bhutan, Australia, Argentina or Arabia.

So come on people of Belize, please give me something good to write. Until then I will have to endure the incessant pleas from my co-worker. 

But guess what...even she can't come up with anything good to say. Go figure...


Anonymous said...

you not looking hard enuf...


to quote the major (was very passionate about this project according to Dean Samuels) "It is also something that will uplift the image of this particular area"


The Voice said...

Oh geez, what a blog... you have mi di tink haad now...

Gas price gone done! We di get wa li reprieve!

Trazidex said...


If that is the only good thing we can find then we are seriously in trouble.

Incidentally I noticed "Sleng Beng" (A vagrant) sleeping in it early Sunday I guess it serves a dual role as homeless shelter too

The Voice said...

I see it now, the lady mayor giving a speech...
"Not only does it serve to protect the traffic officers from the severity of the elements, but it also doubles as a homeless shelter at night! Your CITCO, working for you!"