Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When I get elected...

Among many other things....

When I get elected, I will ensure that the  the salaries of all elected officials are raised to a more regionally accepted level. This will attract better candidates and will then take away the "they don't pay me enough" excuse for under the table shenanigans.

When I get elected, I will ensure implementation of an "Honest Politician Law". Anyone convicted (I know this is a long shot) with their hand in the cookie jar will have to repay 4 times what they took and will have have their pension taken away.

When I get elected, I will have done so by not promising to pay anyone in my division's tuition, electricity, water or phone bill or  their rent. We must stop this cycle of dependency. It is the breeding ground for many of our social problems

When I get elected, I will have done so by making the sole promise of being an honest politician who will work hard for the people of Belize. Country before party, Always.

When I get elected, I will ensure that Government moves its bank account from the Belize Bank. Both parties say they hate the man, then they bank at his bank. Talk about hypocritical!

When I get elected, I will ensure that we have a real "whistle blower" law with real rewards for the blower.

When I get elected, I will ensure that all prisoners are put to work chain-gang style to clean our streets, highways, drains and canals. Look, we are feeding these folks, put them to work for us! We will also implement the hands off approach to thieving.  You get convicted of stealing once, first hand gets cut off... a second time, the other hand..third time, its your head. I guarantee you, the thief will stop after the first hand and if they don't at least we will know who they are.

When I get elected, I will ignore and immediately shread all letters from Amnesty International complaining about the above paragraph!

Guess I will never get elected.


The Voice said...

Traz, I think I wanna run on your ticket. For once, we're sharing the same vision!

*holds out the olive branch*

Trazidex said...

Voice...we always shared the same just didn't know it :^)

I am equally passionate and critical of both sides of the aisle.

Olive branch accepted.